Halcyon Rising: Breaking Ground

My skill set brings all the girls to the yard.

And by yard, I mean, the temple of a young goddess who's using me to build a fortified city around herself before the god of war can finish slaying every deity in the heavens.

He'd better not find us before we're ready. Spoiler: We're far from ready.

But hey, I get a cool skill out of it. The goddess allows me to view anyone's strength, vivacity, and other attributes as though they were numbers on a menu, and then use their life experiences to make them stronger. I can unlock their special skills too, and it's all stuff no one else can see.

Hence the girls: A beastkin builder, a negotiatrix made of slime, a half-elf gypsy that charms snakes — and more — seeking safe refuge and a place to belong.

Think our ragtag group can survive a divine onslaught of apocalyptic proportions? I know what I think. Come on in and find out.

Empire Burning (Emerilia Book 11)

Pandora’s Box has been opened. The Pantheon of Emerilia has gone through tremendous changes the event of Myths and Legends suppressed.

Warships now move in the stars, made of soul gem constructs, built by mages and engineers, crewed by those that lived on Emerilia or within Earth’s Simulation.

The Deq’ual system stands with Emerilia, their brothers and sisters, their family and fellow human descendants.

The Jukal Empire will not let Emerilia rise peacefully. As Empires grow, so too can they be toppled. Only one can remain, in their biggest gamble yet, they must pass through the fires of war, Empire against Empire.

Keeper's World: The Case of the Mad Monk

Most people can live a peaceful life, not in fear of the monsters of the outside world. Most people don't have to worry about what goes bump in the night. For others, there are the watchmen, the police of the ancient age who wander the streets at night. And when the watchmen are not enough, there are the Hunters, those who will pursue the greatest of villains across any border.

Join Hunter Theol as he hunts down the greatest killer known, the Mad Monk.

The Case of the Mad Monk is the second short story in the Keeper's World series, based within the world of the World Keeper books. There will be information and references within these short stories that will not be entirely understood without reading the associated book

City of Champions Online: Issue II: Rising Up

It is a dark time for the city of Atlanta.

In the world of City of Champions Online, a group of white supremacists have taken over the city of Atlanta and are holding the city hostage as they attempt to usurp control of the government. Southern Pride, the local team of 'heroes' have proven to be plants by the villains, using their position to try and give the takeover a look of legitimacy. Those who would stand against them have been declared villains, and are being hunted.

But not everyone has given up on Atlanta. Vampyra and the Misfits helped many heroes and civilians to escape the city during the initial chaos. Now, they're taking the fight to Southern Pride, and rallying anyone they can to their side, because the Battle of Atlanta is just getting started.

The Starry Skies of Darkaan (Realm of Arkon Book 6)

The Spectral City of Cathella is shrouded in strange magic of a powerful artifact. Krian must face the Great Dragons of Pangea, an impossible quest on the Ancient Paths, transformed by the Twice Cursed God, a journey through an endless graveyard, the smile of the Goddess of Stealth… And rage. Infinite rage. The path to the higher plane never seems to end, too much for any man to overcome… But not for an Elder Demon. And so he soldiers on, after the black crow and toward the red moon hanging over the valleys of Karn.

Desert Storm (Puatera Online Book 3)

Forging a new quest, Maddie and Alex unite the desert runners in order to find enough food to feed the Tromoal through their birthing. But there’s descent into chaos at the mayor’s farm on the discovery of a stolen Tromoal egg and the fact he’s hoarding zombie cattle. Maddie's choices are limited, but her fight isn’t.

The HOPE Engine

When a game has the power to bring peace to the planet, you're damn right everyone plays. Every person on the planet can choose if they want to live their life in the physical world or the digital, and Quentin has been waiting for his chance to go all digital.

Once in the game, he chooses a powerful caster, but quickly finds out just how fragile he is. His advisor is a little girl, the village he builds is filled with raving lunatics, and the only edible food for miles around is poisonous to humans. But hey, his friends seem nice.

High level players are fleeing from their towns, beaten by a great force in the East. Will Quentin rise to the challenge and fight these evil forces? Will he pledge his allegiance to them instead? Will he find a meal that doesn't make him sick?

Find out in The HOPE Engine!

Fountellion in The Spiral: The Nature of the Game & Progression One

A gateway to a long-awaited VRMMO game-world has opened for those who have a key. This includes Dan Harvester, a guy who lives in a run-down apartment with his cat and runs a gaming channel. He's almost through playing and testing VR games, but is this his one last chance to – really – level-up? What can it promise to him, and its first 'Beta-pioneers'?

'Fountellion' is a nature-world full of artificial life that mimics the laws of 'the Source', our own nature with its force of evolution. It promises to be more than an 'adventure survival experience', for there are six 'Insights' scattered within its 'super-fabric' and every player can find their own path to them. How much will Dan be changed?

There is only one way to find out, and that's to tune into and experience his 'avalogs'. For only by completing them, together with fragments from its ambitious development, can you too discover the vision and legacy of 'Fountellion'.

The Spiral series unfolds with the mystery of Progression One... What is the nature of the game, both for its developers and for its players?

Project Alpha : Book 1

Project Alpha : Book 1

Anthony Tinoco is a just an average guy looking forward to his first day at college.  Unfortunately, he gets lost on the huge campus and when he follows a hot girl to what he thinks may be his first class, he’s accidentally introduced to a new world full of action and adventure. A world that exists in parallel with our own, the System.  Now Anthony is getting new skills for doing everyday tasks, gaining levels from fighting monsters, and experiencing adventures he never thought possible.

Not everyone is happy to see someone like Anthony with these new powers and someone is willing to do whatever it takes to stop him from using them. Including murder.

Will Anthony be able to handle these strange new powers? Or will his enemies win and force him back to his normal boring life?

Rapture (Apocalypse Gates Author's Cut Book 1)

Alvin woke in a room that was not his, to discover that he had died and his brain had been bargained off cheaply to pay off someone else’s debt. It did not sit well with him. It didn’t surprise him that even in death, people were still using him for their own purposes. He had never exactly been a good guy, but everyone had their breaking point, and he had found his.

The bastards in charge had uploaded his mind into a virtual death game. The whole world could now pay to see him play it and probably die. Alvin questioned whether he was really a bad guy, if this is how they wanted to treat him. Regardless, he was not about to wait for death to come for him. He would kick open the damn Apocalypse Gates and see about crushing everything that challenged him. It was time to make the world aware that he was done with pretending to be nice.

Welcome to Apocalypse Gates!

(This book contains adult themes. Including; gore, death, drug use, and graphic sex. GRAPHIC SEX! I don’t want you saying you weren’t warned here, this book has descriptive sex scenes… got it? Good!)

Super Sales on Super Sales 2

In a world full of super powers, Felix had a pretty crappy one.

After learning to harness his ability to modify any item he owns, he now runs a corporation that is rapidly expanding.


After tangling with the local Heroes guild they’ve finally settled into a semblance of stability.

Sounds great on paper. Run your company, make money, be your own boss, settle down.

Except that with running a business, comes an inordinate amount of responsibilities.

Like making sure everything keeps running and your people are paid.

Worrying about the longevity of his company, Felix begins to expand into other cities.

So they’ve packed up the car, put in all the requisite forms, gotten the approvals, and set out to start Legion up in a new city.

The problem though is the local government had no idea who they were selling permits to. Approving forms for.

To Felix and Legion.

And now they’re about to find out.

The Twilight Obelisk (Mirror World Book #4)

Olgerd and his tribal NPC gang have finally discovered the Forbidden City. Problem is, they haven't found what they were looking for. The ancient maps are hopelessly out of date and the Ennan capital city is lying in ruins.

In the meantime, their enemies are closing in. Noctean hordes are arriving from the Silver Mountain Valley; the Dark army has already crossed the Back Stream, and the forces of Light have already entered the Icy Woods.

The magic protection sphere which Olgerd received from the city's invisible guardians is about to expire... The only way he can save the lives of his trusty NPC friends is by activating the Twilight Obelisk.

The Gods of the Second World (LitRPG The Weirdest Noob Book 3)

One player has managed to upset the game world's balance, and now he's hunted by everyone. Every clan wants to recruit him for his achievements, while other powers want him for their own, more sinister purposes. Now Ros must contend against an unseen enemy backed by the world's most powerful corporation, while relying on only himself and his few trusted allies. The stakes have never been higher…

Don’t miss the final book in The Weirdest Noob trilogy!

A Dungeon's Soul: Book 3 of the Adventures on Brad

The Karlak Dungeon has re-opened with a brand new configuration. A whole new Dungeon awaits Daniel and Asin. Joined by Omrak, the party races to be the first to complete the Dungeon but must face new monsters, new traps and new floor layouts. Will the Adventurers complete the new Dungeon in time?

A Dungeon's Soul traditional fantasy story with LitRPG elements.

Infinite Assassins: Daggerland Online Novel 2 A LITRPG Adventure

Two weeks before the trial of Atticus Arching, his radical followers, the Infinite Assassins, decide to take the law into their own hands. Using the bodies of innocent online players these unkillable assassins target the entire prosecution team, including the only witness in the case, FBI Special Agent Daniel Roan.

Escaping by the skin of his teeth, Roan is forced to go on the run. Hounded day and night by the assassins, he finds the only way he can strike back is to go online and infiltrate the very group that’s after him.

The only problem is that they only take the very coldest of killers and Roan is forced to become everything he hates: liar, thief, murderer, Assassin!

Mira & Zoro: Stuck in a Game World? (Vampire Wrath and Incubus Issues): A LitRPG/Fantasy Fun

Everything's a game. Why not play around with a million lives?

Mira Flask was in the middle of a grand experiment - With the help of the greatest Virtual Reality Game 'HAIL' in history, where one could feel, hear and explore more worlds than they ever imagined, Mira planned to use the power of games to create a human revolution! The way of learning will never be the same! Now if only her brother could stop playing around and keep it in his pants!

Zoro Flask just wanted to play hard and party harder. His sister was serious enough for the both of them - someone had to loosen up! Doesn't the great family business need heirs or something?

Life would have been normal - kill brothers and bug sisters and try not to think about the hard things anymore. The siblings have been through too much to care. As long as they had each other, then that was enough. HAIL was going to be Mira's lastest obsession, her legacy.

Until a so-called Game God sucked them into HAIL and a million other people whose "talents" he felt worthy enough to plug into his own experiment. Strength, Beauty, Medicine. Dancing, Math, Crafting Origami - whatever was a 'talent' was used to select his chosen ones. To test the limit.

Suddenly, Mira and Zoro are forced to play hard just to survive and try to reunite. Well...

If Mira could stop getting targeted by ogres and idiots. "I'm not a hero!"

If Zoro could stop crying in a corner. "I can't believe I'm an incubus. W-Wait. You want me to WHAT?"

If the Game God would stop messing around. "Hehehe. Now this is interesting...I should talk to the king."

Between a strange orgy- erm, team of a succubus, a dark knight, and a mage latched onto the pathetic incubus...and crazy serial killers and - again, what's with ogres! - plaguing a certain Mulan vampiress, the siblings keep meeting more and more weirdos.

Lewd Shadowmancer: The Concubine Contract

Warning: The tale you are about to read is a story of sexual creatures, human or otherwise. This tale is for adults 18 and up.

Can becoming the villain change who you are?

Nathan's life has been a vile pit for longer then he would like to admit. Searching for an escape, he spends the last of his cash on a VR game called Lewd Saga.

Lewd Saga is a Virtual MMORPG, based in the fantasy world of Lukken, home of dragon royalty, human kingdoms and troll masters. Players quest, grow their abilities, join in great battles and find love and lust in whatever form they desire. There is no taboo too great or too intimate.

Upon entering the VR world, the player soon discovers he doesn't have to live by society's rules any longer. He quickly realizes players will pay real money to exact revenge on other players. Nathan, who feels like life took everything from him, can now carve out his destiny and make those who ever crossed him know his dark power.

Will Nathan succumb to his darkness when there are greater evils trying to infect the virtual fantasy world? Will the love of another breath life into his cynical heart? Will he question if he is the true villain, or something else?

The Greystone Chronicles: Book 2 - The Dire Lands

Jupiter Tech's headquarters, Olympus, has been attacked. Lives have been lost in the real world. Alexander and friends must now thwart the servants of the Dark One both in and out of the game.

With a few new allies, the Greystone Guild moves out of the noob zones to take on the challenges presented by the ruins of Dire Keep and its inhabitants. They must conquer, rebuild, and defend the Dire Lands against attacking forces.

The players (and Fibble) must now overcome tougher dungeons, and more dangerous foes. Even betrayal by one of their own!

Wounded Legion: a mech LitRPG novel (Armored Souls Book 2)

It’s time for our sergeant to become a general.

Reggie King lives his life in the Armored Souls universe. But there’s more to the game than taking missions as they come. Even turning a secret asteroid base into a kickass man cave only holds appeal for so long. There comes a time when a platoon of mercenaries either needs to join up with a major faction…

Or create one.

With the founding of Wounded Legion, Reggie takes on responsibility for building and recruiting an elite fighting force capable of conquering planets. But while crummy little independent worlds and uninhabited rocks are easy to capture, the real prizes involve fighting other factions to secure. In the process, Reggie makes enemies, including one troll who refuses to win gracefully. Rather than rough up Wounded Legion and move on, Liberty Clan decides they want to wipe Reggie and his friends off the galactic map.

It’s all by the book. The game rules allow it. To avoid extermination, Reggie has to find a way to combat a foe ten times as powerful as his own. A diplomat might broker a deal. An assassin might go straight for the enemy leader. But Reggie’s a soldier, and he’s going to fight this war the way he knows best.

Eden's Gate: The Sands: A LitRPG Adventure

With Unity formed, Gunnar feels like he's created a family like he's never had before. All that's left is to grow in strength, continue building in Edgewood, and maybe earn a little affection from Princess Adeelee. Nothing can tear him away from his friends and newly founded guild.

Or can it?

Gunnar still has a lot to learn about his massive, new world. There are eyes and ears everywhere. Deception can come when you least expect it, and in Eden's Gate, sometimes you can lose control of your own fate.

And Rachel? Maybe she's still out there... somewhere.